1. What time minibuses depart from Tbilisi (Batumi) to the International Airport of Kutaisi?

- Departure time can be different, because the Georgian Bus shuttle vans performed in accordance with the air flights in Kutaisi International Airport.

2. What time are minibuses depart from Kutaisi International Airport?

- Minibuses depart maximum in an hour after landing of plane.

3. Do I have enough time to get to Kutaisi International airport before the registration of my flight?

- Yes, you will arrive at Kutaisi international airport half an hour before the start of registration.

4. Where is the stop of minibuses in Tbilisi / Batumi?

- Stops of our minibuses are:

 *Freedom Square in Pushkin Park (Tbilisi);

 *Behind of hotel Radisson (Batumi).

5. How much does ticket cost, and are there any discounts?

- Ticket price depends on the destination.

The cost of transfer from Tbilisi to Kutaisi International Airport is 20 GEL(in case of using this service, you get a 20% discount on a return ticket, and it will cost 16 GEL).

The cost of transfer from Batumi to Kutaisi International Airport is 15 GEL (in case of this service, a return ticket costs 12 GEL).

The cost of transfer from Kutaisi city to Kutaisi International Airport is 5 GEL.

Group of travelers may get a discount (different for each case).

6. What if there are no free places in minibus?

- We always have free places for you!

7. How long it takes to travel from Kutaisi International Airport to Tbilisi?

- The road from Kutaisi international airport to Tbilisi takes approximately 4 hours.

8. Whether we stop on the way?

- Stop (for 20 minutes) is only for daily transfers to Tbilisi from Kutaisi International Airport.

9. I need an invoice, how can I get it?

- You have to send us the following information:

Full name, date of travel, the ticket code, the cost of travel and your e-mail. We will send you an invoice to your email address.

10. We're going with children / child, do you have a discount for children?

- We have a 50% discount for children under 10 years.

11. Can I return the tickets?

- Unfortunately, tickets are non-refundable, but we can offer you to use them in any other time.