Transfer Conditions


 Transportation company Georgian Bus offers its clients excellent service of comfortable and safe transfers. It is outstanding with its conditions that you will experience during your trip-

 Georgian Bus transport leaves on exact time as is it pointed in the bus schedules, so you won’t have to wait until the bus gets full. At the same time, we recommend you to get on the spot few minutes before the minibus leaves, so you can take your booked seat!

Georgian Bus arranges the trips according to the flights from Kutaisi International Airport.The passengers get directly to the airport half an hour before their flight registration.

 On your way you won’t get bothered with loud music in our transport; we care about your peaceful trip!

Smoking and alcohol is prohibited on the board.

 From Kutaisi International Airport to Tbilisi minibuses have 20 minutes break for travelers to get quick lunch or use W.C; (Some passengers complain about the break, however others ask for it themselves. Because the processes connected to the flight-registration, flight, landing, etc. takes 6-7 hours and some people do not even get the meal on the plane, we give them opportunity to have a lunch/relaxation break);

Our company takes into account the problems that can happen during the transfer (for example, sometimes roads get closed because of damage), so minibuses leave earlier than it is usually needful.

 Georgian Bus can manage your trip separately with your friends, if you would like so. In this case, you have to contact us on Facebook or by email.

  Because we care about improvement of our service, we kindly ask you to write a review on Facebook after your travel! In case of unpleasant situation during the transfer, write us your complaint. Our team members will discuss it and find the right solution for the problem to get solved.

Georgian Bus wishes you a safe journey and thanks for your trust!

Georgian Bus- The Best Way To Travel is Together!