Plan Your Jorney


 Do you plan to visit Georgia and find out its culture? But you have not decided yet what places to see? One of the most important, you would like to make your trip in reasonable prices? Georgian Bus is ready to help you arrange your trip!

 We will give you useful advice of where/how to go and provide you with information about the places you would like to visit. You won’t loose your time in looking for transport schedules or places to stay because we will take responsibility of getting all necessary information for you without any charges for it!

  If you are traveling in groups Georgian Bus can offer you service to any destination in Georgia as well that is going to be the easiest way of traveling. While using the local minibuses you will spend more time, since most Georgian drivers do not leave until all the seats in their transport are taken; However, our bus schedules will depend on only you and Georgian Bus will make transfers anytime and to any spot you choose. 

 We are always happy to help you arrange your amazing trip in the most acceptable prices! Do not hesitate to ask us questions and discuss the ways of your traveling in Georgia!